Child Education Sponsorship Project

Today we see many children work in hotel, repair cycles, work as conductor, bus cleaner etc. It’s really heart touching. Children are forced to go hungry, leave school to earn an income, or work in hazardous conditions. Girls may also be forced to marry young to ensure the financial security of the family. The hand which should hold the pen, copies are cleaning pots, repairing cycles and so on.why? They have right to be a successful person in life.

Education – to the poor, it is the way out of poverty. But how can a family that has barely enough to eat, send their children to school? Child Sponsorship Project is there to help, providing funds, counseling and general support to needy children in poor rural villages.

Therefore the main objective of this project is especially to remove all this issue from the society so that every child can live his/her life. No one can loss his/her childhood due to scarcity and lack of resources.

Government of Nepal has declared the primary education to be free, but due to the difficulty in access to schools, low income, illiteracy and caste discrimination; many families engage their children in domestic work instead of schooling them. Still 6.3% children (Source:-UNMDG Progress report 2010) are unable to access primary education in Nepal. Although the primary education is free, to be able to attend school they must have the right uniform and provide all their own books,  pens and pencils and, for many, this is a financial burden their families cannot afford. On reaching secondary school matter becomes even more difficult.

The Child Education Sponsorship Project is specifically designed to help the poorest of the poor, marginalized and disadvantage children, those who are unable get access to quality education due to extreme poverty and those who have lost their parents! Through this project, our main aim is to support children those who are out of educational access, those who have been studying in schools with very low quality standards just for the sake of helping their parents get two meals a day which also is uncertain most of the times.


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Students Awaiting Funds

Anisha Ale Magar

Anisha Ale Magar is facing a big problem in her study due

Subarna Magar

Subarna Magar is a 7 year old boy from the hilly area of Kav

Ayush Ale Magar

Ayush Ale Magar who is 8 years old and now studing in grade 2

Arpan Ale Magar

Deepa’s family has a small cottage in hilly area. Her parents work as laborers