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Universal Childrens Day 2015

Date: to
Venue: Koseli school
Estimated Budget: Rs 26532

Nearly 25 years ago, the world made the commitment of the protection, welfare, assurity of rights and the prosperity to the childrens. Their inherited rights to live, learn, thrive and grow should be equal to every children among the every allay of the world. No other children is different, offcourse the way they looks, the way they acts and the way they live can be different but the essence of what they should get should be equal regardless of the region, culture, religions and the society they lives. When the whole world make that promises of doing everything for their rights, and the 20th of November is decided to be the day of Universal childrens day to empower the childrens among all the societies for their equal rights and prosperity.

Considering the current situation of slum and street childrens in Nepal, HMS Nepal has celebrate this childrens day with the slogan “Stop violence against children”. It is far common to see slum and street children in the city like Kathmandu, it is an admired reality but sometimes it is being left unadmired, and we want those stories to come up on the scene so that we could empower them and help them to thrive for their primary rights as children. Although many organizations works for their welfare, somehow this problem has been restlessly taking part in the Kathmandu.

As a part of our program, we motivated those childrens to show equal participation and make them aware about the violence related to children and how to take stand against such violence which occurs every once in awhile with street children. HMS main target children are from different slum of Baneshwor and the main motive is to make them aware about their rights and how they can empower themselves so that they could improve their life. However this program will not only help me to be aware about their own rights but also help them to be open up in the society and thrive for the growth and fight for what they should get.

They have been opt out from their basic needs of fooding, shelter and education which is the key of their future growth, however that is not their instinct, that’s their constraint which make them to be a street children.
No kid can decide where and with whom he/she should born, so every child is same in that mean, no matter where and how they take their step on this universe. Therefore every children is the same bud of today and the hope of flourish in the future, so let’s help them to empower so that every child could flourish to make the garden bloom.
We would like to thank koseli school for allowing us to celebrate the day with those slum and street children’s.It was a great day for us as well as for the children’s different activates was conducted on the day like dancing singing ,motivational speech from the HelpMyStudy and koseli school members as well as stationary distribution to the children and Hms had even provided lunch for those childrens on the Occusion of Universal Children’s Day . .
Lastly we would like to thank Mr Hari Lamichhane for supporting and sponsoring the event .we are really glad to get such helping hand.

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