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Shree Shakti Mavi -Stationery Distribution Program.

Date: to
Venue: Shree Shakti Mavi-Nuwakot
Estimated Budget: Rs 15000

The cold morning, the team of HMS Nepal made the way to the remote place of Nuwakot district, “Barahi”, with the cold of mist, we also keep admiring the sheer cold houses from the hole of the earthquake. Our destination was approximately 40km far from the busy road of Balaju, Kathmandu.
We walked 1 hour more from the bus destination to reach the Shree Shakti Higher Secondary School. On the way the alive scene of dead earthquake was so much pathetic. Without backpack, when we reached the school, all the teachers including the principles and president of school management committee.
With the heartwarming welcome, 12 teachers and the 9 peoples from the organization including the co-coordinator, we sat for a short discussion about the school and formally all the teachers introduced themselves and as a coordinator of HMS Nepal, Miss Shristi Tripathi, introduced all the volunteer team.

As a formal program, we went to survey the school, and to admire its wrecked walls and the dust of the quake, the broken benches and those tiny , a,b,c,d from the abandon window. As the preplanned program, we first went to visit class Nursery, K.G, where we encourage the children to come up in front to speak out something, to entertain them we motivated them to sing and dance and as a prize one of our team member distributed the bubble toy to the small student.

In the presence of school principal and the president of school management, our team distributed the stationary materials to all the students of the class, 27 students from the class nursery and K.G were present in the class. When we finished the distribution, we visited the students in class 4 and had short funful program in the class, after that we distributed the copies and pens to the students.

Although the program was amazing, the reality of the school was very epic, almost everything is broken, and student are studying without the proper management of the classroom, because of the torment that took place in july, the school is still in its tear. When we formally came up in the another discussion after finishing the distribution program, the principal shared the pathetic condition of the school, and encourage us to support more in the academic area of the school, however one of the oldest student and close admirer of the school argued on the wrecked infrastructure of the school. And we saw that both areas of the school should be in the focus of development.
As a oldest and closest admirers of the school he also shared the sheer frustration regarding the numbness of the government in helping the school to build all the necessary infrastructure, as all wished the school to be the center for S.L.C examination so that student would be hurdles free from walking hours of distances to reach the exam center.

And as being a principle Mr. Sun Bahadur Tamang focused on the educational part of the school and shared how the school has not been able to provide the the education as expected due to so many problems that borned with the quake, and he also believe that, blaming the quake and waiting for other/government to rebuild the school isn’t the solution. He encouraged all participators, and social organization to join the hand to rebuild the school. Not only that he also suggests us to organize some awareness program so that it could help both parents and the stakeholder of the school. Straightening the same topic, one of the oldest teacher who have been teaching in the same school for more than 15 years added the need of parents to be aware regarding the study of their children, and reflected how parents differentiate the private school and government school. He added its the harsh reality that, we also send our children to the boarding school as being the teacher of the government school, but the way we discriminate these two bodies seems to be epic.

Adding response to the teachers thought, as a representative of HMS team Miss Shristi Tripathi suggested the school “I see students walks hours of distance to reach here, and all I see is they are not getting what they supposed to achieve from the school, They experience the hurdles every day, from tired legs to hungry stomach they have to endure all, and I think, they endure because they’re here for their education and for the sake of luminous future. But I see, students are not active, and they are not fluent on what they are supposed to learn in the same class.”

In the response, another teacher answered that school is not everything, student spend 6 hours a day in school but they spend rest of the 18 hours in the home, so it becomes the responsibility of the family to encourage them to be dedicated in education and be active in the personal life also. He also suggested the need of awareness in home and encourage HMS team to conduct an awareness program collaborating with all the parties.

Currently 22 teachers are in the school, and what I saw in the classroom was not so convincing, student are more dull, and not ready to participate in anything that we conduct in the classroom.
When one of the HMS volunteer talked with one of the student Melina Lama, who walks 2 hours everyday to reach the school, she told that she felt odd. Later when she became comfortable we found out that, most of the day, she study with bare stomach and some days she got money from her mom to purchase the biscuits for the launch. Her reality broke us, she walked all way along, being tired she finally reach the school, without rest she sat in the class and she returned home with the sheer hunger, and how could she possibly think about her study.But she still struggles everyday so that she could change her life in the future.
One of the oldest teacher who have been teaching the school since last 30 years added that student walking 2-3 hours in normal and staying bare stomach is also quite normal, because due to the quake that place the condition of the family is inconceivable and due to the land being drought since last 6 month, it has turned to be infertile and nothing had been produced, so the poor people’s condition is worse.

The school suggested us to help for the physical infrastructure development, academic necessities and computers and electronic. After computers are being broken in the quake the school has stopped the practical class of the computer.
As another support we gave 10 pieces of blankets to the school for the guest room and when we admired some of the homes and their condition we couldn’t stop us from giving away more blankets to the families in that area. Informally we gave away extra 30 pieces of blankets to the poor people.
As being the close admirers of the village, one man in his 40s shared his sheer frustration regarding the government and the people who are leading the country, he added “Many so called big politicians belongs to this district but they don’t give a damn about it, and those money which the government giving for the earthquake relief that are not being utilized properly. Here many INGOs and peoples are eating the money in the name of earthquake. “

After all these what we admired was a broken village and painful heart and the frustration that lives in their mind because of the government being very much spontaneous regarding the relief and supports.

Being represented the realities, we promised the school for the support in whatever ways we can do, and we now ask all of you to join hand for this social cause, there lies the future of thousands student they are born natural so there is no difference between we and them. They are being presented in the abandoned realities, so we encourage you to help them and let them study as a normal student.
But what could be normal in the current situation without all of us joining the hand?

The opinion of the principle :
“We are old and white beard, and the youth are those, who lives with the technology, and the difference lies there, while admiring these two seasons of life. What if we go together with the years of experience of white beard, and the smart mind of the youth. And there comes the developed school, society and the nation. So why not join hand, rather than judging each other’s flaws? “.

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