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Established in 2011 A.D, HelpMyStudy Nepal aims to bridge the educational polarization that is increasing in Nepalese society. There is a big disparity in the educational standard and capability of schools and institutions in Nepal. While economically affluent population are able to send their children to the best possible schools/institution, 80% of others are unable to do so and the problem aggravates as we go lower in the economic classes.

With more than 30% people living under abject poverty, disparity in education is rife. Social, political and economical landscape of the country is thus affected, disbalancing the country further. HelpMyStudy Nepal wants to impart quality education to everyone in Nepal. By researching on the problem, gathering ideas and solution and conducting meaningful programs, HelpMyStudy Nepal will fight this issue from as many different angles as conceivable. We believe every child has the right to ‘quality education’ independent of their family’s economic status and HelpMyStudy Nepal is committed to make it possible.


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