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Project Background
Basuki Ma. Vi. is a school located in Lakure Bhanjyang, some 13km north of Gwarko, and lies in Lalitpur district. Although very close to the capital, it can be considered as one of the remote areas in Nepal due to lack of easy transportation to the place and due to its economic state . The village mostly comprises of Tamang people and very low literacy rate. The population of the region is about 1700 and Basuki Ma. Vi is the only only one school in the reason. The nearest other school is SIsneri Uchha Ma. Vi. which is 1.5 hrs of hill walk from village. With supports from various individuals and organization, the school has for the first time produced SLC graduates. Out of 16 students, all 16 of them made it successfully in the very first year; five of whom passed in first division and the rest in second division.

Following this, the 6 students most in need of financial assistance have enrolled for Higher Secondary Education (+2) in the nearby Higher Secondary schools. One of our HMS-Australia advisory board member, Uttam Sharma, has been in touch with the teacher of the school, Mr. Rajan for couple of years now. Uttam has also paid visit to the school and had provided small contribution to the school to help towards the education of first batch appearing for SLC from the school.

However, after SLC graduate, being a very poor community – these students are finding it hard to continue their education further following economic hardship. Parents of those schools already want them to start earning money – as they cannot afford to send them to school themselves. Hence there is a pressure on the students to drop out of school and engage in economic activities – further jeopardizing their future.

The students we are supporting are:

Juna Tamang
Juna Tamang, aged 18, will be the first one to pursue 10+2 education from her family.  Junu comes from a family with very poor economic condition. She lives with her mother and two brothers. Her father does occasional labour work, making roads, wells and working on other people’s farm. They have a piece of land for agriculture but it is very small even compared to other financially poor people of Lakuri Bhanjyang. Her mother is a housewife.

Surendra Tamang
Surendra Tamang’s father expired six years ago. Since then, Surendra has been living with his mother and eight other members of the family. With so many mouths to feed, it has been a struggle for his mother. The primary source of income for his family is agriculture and in Lakure Bhanjyang, however nothing but maize farming in small quantity is possible there.  One of his brothers (aged 25) is illiterate, while the eldest one dropped after grade 8, presumably because there was no secondary school in the area then.

Shrijana Shrestha
Shrijana Shrestha, aged 17, has three younger sisters who study in Basuki Ma. Vi. Her father and mother are both illiterate with no regular income source. They live off of seasonal labor work such as working in other’s fields, help build roads and other labor work. Because of financial constraints, she had a hard time completing her studies. Without financial support, she will be unable to pursue higher education.

Ishwori Tamang
Ishwori Tamang, aged 17, has four siblings—three of whom are currently studying at Basuki Ma Vi. Her father is living separately with another wife. Her mother works as a seasonal labor in other’s farms. They have a small piece of land but production is very low and they don’t have enough to feed themselves throughout the year.

Suresh Tamang
Suresh Tamang, aged 17, lives with his mom and a sister. His father expired four years ago after which they have been struggling for daily survival. His family owns a small piece of land and the agricultural output is also very low. His mother works as a seasonal labor in other’s farm for daily wages. He completed his school with the help of others and is now in desperate need of support for higher education.

Binita Dhakal
She has a young brother who studies in class 8 and lives with her mother and grandmother .they don’t have any economical support and source.she is excellent in her study but due to lack of economical support she is not able to continue her study.


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