Board Members – HelpMyStudy

Bikash Shah (Founder)


Bikash Shah is the founding member of HelpMyStudy Nepal. He bears deep interest in social upliftment in Nepal. He is also the driving force behind HelpMyStudy Nepal and HMS Australia and co-ordinates and monitors day-to-day activities of Nepal office. He is a Software Engineer by profession and entrepreneur by passion and runs a Web & Mobile Application Development Company called WebSupreme.

Kanchan Lata Shah (Chairperson)


Kanchan Shah is a Executive Director at Sofos Softwares – a Kathmandu based Web and Software Development Company. She is mother of 5 and is an active member of community engaging in different social welfare activities – mostly affiliated to women welfare organizations. She has always cherished the need for good education for children for a brighter future. Because of her strong conviction for social justice, she has helped bring together the team of young professionals into forming this noble organization. She is the President of HelpMyStudy Nepal.

Basanta Parajuli (Vice Chairman)


Bashanta parajuli is a social activist and has more than 10 years of experience in the field of social work and societal welfare. She has dedicated her precious life time working for indigenous people and improving their lives.

Daya Mainali (General Secretary)

Daya Mainali has a relevant amount of experience in Health and Education Sector. Having worked in different fields of education including ‘Program Officer’ at World Education for a decade, she is currently involved in Nari Chetana Kendra- Gyaneshwor, Sachetana Primary School and HelpMyStudy Nepal. She has finished her Masters in Home science and interested in reading novels, traveling and gardening.

Renuka Shah (Treasurer)


Renuka Shah is a Research & Information (R & I ) Officer at CTEVT (Council for Technical Education & Vocational Training). She is also a LLM graduate from Nepal Law Campus. Her dynamic personality and positive attitude has made her key person of influence in her areas of work. Moreover, she is deeply passionate about women and child welfare and thinks HelpMyStudy as a suitable channel towards this.

Ayushman Bajracharya (Board Member)


Ayushman Bajracharya is very kind hearted and loving person. At present he works as a project Manager at Porcoid IT Solution Pvt. Ltd. He thinks that education to disadvantaged people should be free so that they can grow up and make a bright future. The only thing that led him for social work was “Do something for education to poor children.

Raman Karna (Legal Adviser)

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